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Welcome to my blog. I don't know how interesting it will be, although I would like to think I live quite the interesting life. As of right now I'm 17 and am a senior at Coast Union, whoop de do I know. Anyways I think I might start writing in here more because sometimes I just need to lighten my load... so enjoy!
Saturday, March 30, 2002
Just thought I'd write and say that I'm happier now. I didn't think my sister or brother were going to come down for Easter and then I was talking to my parents and I looked out the window and I thought I saw my neighbor but it was my brother Chris. I dont think I hjave ever been happier to see him, I ran out there screaming and gave him a hug. Then my sister called and said she was going to come too, So I am really excited about Easter now!!
It is Saturday afternoon and I'm bored. My best friend, Kelsey, got back from Mexico today. I missed her soo much, she was gone for about a week with a group called Young life. I prayed for her like every time I thought of her and it was so great when she called me today. Although I got really sad because she was telling me how amazing and life changing it was, and she told me that she got baptized. I mean I was really happy for her but I wish I could have been there so bad. I wanted to get baptized together and now we can't. When I got off the phone I cried for a while because I realized how much she is changing and how beautiful she is becomming, but I don't get to be there. I mean I know God has his own plan for me over here in Cambria, but sometimes I feel like my life would be better in Visalia. Its also things like that, that bring us closer, I think she will always be my best friend, I have never met a better person than her. Anyways tomorrow is easter and I know I should be really excited, but I might be by myself with my parents because my brother and sister are probably not going to come down. It can really suck being the youngest because for a long time I will still be coming home for holidays and my brother and sister will probably have their own families. I am still excited about spring break, although the weekend I was planning on going down to Visalia I found out kelsey is going to be gone, so I'm not gonna go now, I will see her on tuesday! I always try to look at the bring side of things cuz you can always weigh out the bad stuff!

Friday, March 29, 2002
I'm sitting here listening to Enya waiting for the mystery man to come back and talk to me. I haven't written lately because I have been so busy, but it is finally SPRING BREAK!!!! I am going to relax and talk on the net and read The Hobbit that I have to finish over break because I have to write a term paper on it. Then next weekend I am probably going to Visalia, as well as this comming tuesday to see my best friend and maybe...... well I call him JJ as a joke. Then on the 14th of April, thats a sunday I am going to a ballet in San Luis with my parents and JJ. I am really excited about it because I haven't seen him since I started liking him. I'm not really sure how things will turn out because it will be a tad bit weird for both of us. Other than that I am running for Junior class president next year. I am running against 2 other people that I know of so far. I'm not really sure if I'll win or not, but I really want to do it and I think it would be fun working on prom. I am also considering asking the school board if we can have a christian club next year, I think that would be really cool. As far as soft ball has been going the last week I was doing terrible (except for at bat), but I think it was because I had a lot on my mind. My coach said if any of us wanted to get together with him over break and practice to call him, so I think I might cuz I need to work on grounders. Well my mystery man has returned so I am gonna go. I love all of you who are reading this~ kate


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