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Welcome to my blog. I don't know how interesting it will be, although I would like to think I live quite the interesting life. As of right now I'm 17 and am a senior at Coast Union, whoop de do I know. Anyways I think I might start writing in here more because sometimes I just need to lighten my load... so enjoy!
Friday, April 26, 2002
Wow~ I have been soo extremely busy lately it crazy!!! Before I make plans I actually have to check my calendar, I am turning 16 in 10 days and I feel like I am still so young. I am going to have to get a job to pay for car insurance and gas and it is really going to suck. Softball hasn't been to fun lately, all of the sudden I started sucking at grounders and have been hit in the legs too many times to count, thank God there is only one week left! So ya anyways, the guy that I have talking about in previous blogs is now my boyfriend. We have been dating since April 14th and well our relationship is amazing, I like him sooo much its crazy. Also at this time the major constuction of our house is done and its soo neat to walk around in it. My sister is now dating a guy whose name is Mike, she likes him a lot and I cannot wait to meet him. And my brother has designed a new website that is soo popular right now.. its called if you see this you should go to it, he is really excited because it is getting so much traffic and he will be making a lot of money soon. Anyways I am gonna go but I will try to write in here more ok~
Love always~ Katie


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