Life Is Beautiful

Welcome to my blog. I don't know how interesting it will be, although I would like to think I live quite the interesting life. As of right now I'm 17 and am a senior at Coast Union, whoop de do I know. Anyways I think I might start writing in here more because sometimes I just need to lighten my load... so enjoy!
Sunday, June 22, 2003
I'm sitting on my computer chair staring at the moniter, wanting to write something without it being utterly pointless. Oh great, I've already failed. Anyways I think life is really interesting, there is always more to learn and improve on that you never have time to be perfect. I feel like I am always trying to be the best I can, and then somehow I always end of messing up and failing. Sometimes I feel like I am a pretty good person with lots of attributes that not a lot of people have, like how honest I am. Like I am really open and honest and true to myself, which seems like a lot of people are. But really it's not an easy thing to find. Well anyways I'm gonna end this entry with that but I'm gonna come back and write more, I promise.


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